May 18, 2009--San Diego, California--Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC introduced its latest fiduciary services offering — the Florida Land Trust — to further expand its fiduciary services operations and to provide a value added service to its 1031 exchange clientele.

The Florida Land Trust, is a simple and inexpensive method for holding title to Florida real estate or personal property.  Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC serves as Trustee of the Florida Land Trust. 

"There are many reasons for, and benefits of, acquiring and holding title to property in a Florida Land Trust.  The most common include the need or desire to acquire and hold legal title to real estate or personal property in a confidential or private manner in order to keep the Beneficiary's (owner's) name out of the public records.  It could also include those who want to keep their names away from criminals such as law enforcement personnel, judges, attorneys, stalking victims, etc.," said William L. Exeter, president and chief executive officer, Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC.

"The executive management team at Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC brings over two decades of trust experience in the administration of California Title Holding Trusts (Land Trusts).  We are very excited to be entering the Florida Land Trust market and look forward to a very successful launch," Mr. Exeter further stated.

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