June 23, 2004--San Diego, California--The Exeter Group of Companies gets its initial start with the formation of Exeter Holding Company, LLC, a Califorina limited liability company.  Exeter Holding Company, LLC ultimately changed its name to The Exeter Group, LLC in 2005.

"The Exeter Group, LLC was set-up to function and serve as a holding and operating company for real estate related businesses, which will include 1031 Exchange, Reverse 1031 Exchange and Improvement 1031 Exchange operations, Qualified Trust Account services for 1031 Exchange Qualified Intermediaries, Title Holding Trust or Land Trust services, and Self-Directed IRA custodial services," said William L. Exeter, president and chief executive officer, The Exeter Group, LLC.

Mr. Exeter further stated, "The Exeter Group, LLC will be based in San Diego, California, and its website address will be exeterco.com.  We look forward to building an impressive team of Tax Deferred and Tax EXclusion Experts and Advisors to assist real estate investors and their advisors with their tax-deferred transactional needs." 

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