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Exeter Trust Company, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Exeter Trust Company is a trust company licensed, regulated and audited by the Wyoming Division of Banking.  Exeter Trust Company is a leading provider of specialty trust account services designed for the real estate industry, including Title Holding Trusts (Land Trusts), Self-Directed IRAs, Qualified Trust Accounts for 1031 Exchanges, and resolution or dispute settlement escrows and/or cash holdback trust accounts.

Dispute Settlement or Resolution Trust Accounts

Real estate or personal property required to be held or set aside for safeguarding pending the ultimate resolution or settlement of any dispute, disagreement or dissolution between parties can be placed in trust with, and held by, Exeter Trust Company as Trustee of a settlement trust fund account. 

Exeter Trust Company serves as an independent, third-party Trustee that is responsible for the safekeeping of the funds, real estate or assets held by it in trust in order to protect the interests of all the parties involved in the dispute. 

Specialized Cash Holding Escrows

Escrow funds or other transaction settlement or closing funds that need to be held in a Cash Holding Account or Cash Holdback Trust Account by an independent third-party fiduciary after the transaction has closed can be placed with, held and safeguarded by Exeter Trust Company in a Cash Holdback Account pending the final resolution of the post closing issues or conditions.

Self-Directed IRAs

Exeter Trust Company offers advisor-directed and client-directed (self-directed) Individual Retirement Accounts, including Self-Directed IRAs such as Traditional IRAs, Rollover IRAs, Roth IRAs, Roth Conversion IRAs, SEP-IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs.  These Self-Directed IRAs allow you to invest your IRA funds in non-traditional assets, also referred to as "Alternative Investments," such as notes secured by deeds of trust, promissory notes secured by mortgages, tax lien certificates, real estate, membership interests in limited liability companies, limited partnership interests, and much, much more.  Call us to learn how Self-Directed IRAs can help you manage and diversify your retirement account investments. 

Title Holding Trusts (Land Trusts)

You can acquire, hold and dispose of real estate and personal property through a California Title Holding Trust or a Florida Land Trust administered by Exeter Trust Company.  Learn more about the California Title Holding Trust and the Florida Land Trust and the many benefits that they have to offer real estate investors and owners, including the ability to buy, own, manage and sell real estate in a confidential and private manner.

Qualified Trust Accounts for 1031 Exchange Funds

Your 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange funds can be held and safeguarded by Exeter Trust Company as Trustee of a Qualified Trust Account pursuant to Section 1.1031 of the Department of the Treasury Regulations. 

The Qualified Trust Account ensures that clients' 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange funds would not be classified or recharacterized as "corporate funds" and become subject to the bankruptcy estate should the Qualified Intermediary file for voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy protection.  Qualified Intermediaries never plan to file for bankruptcy, but when they do you can rest assured that your 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange funds will be safe when held in a Qualified Trust Account by Exeter Trust Company, Cheyenne, Wyoming. 


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