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Integrated Cost Segregation Analysis with 1031 Exchange Services

Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC is a leading national provider of tax-deferred and tax-advantaged solutions for investment real estate.  Our comprehensive tax-deferred solutions encompass tax-deferral services such as cost segregation tax saving benefit estimates and cost segregation studies for commercial real estate.

Cost Segregation Analysis, also referred to as Cost Segregation Studies, and 1031 Exchanges are two of the most valuable tax planning strategies available to commercial real estate investors.  The two tax-deferral techniques can be used on the same properties in order to obtain the maximum tax saving benefits from your investment in commercial real estate. 

Integrated Services: 1031 Exchange with a Cost Segregation Estimate

Are you completing your 1031 Exchange through Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC?  If so, ask your 1031 Exchange Advisor to provide you with a free estimated tax saving benefit analysis on any commercial real estate for which you are evaluating and considering identifying as part of your 1031 Exchange transaction.

This free estimated tax saving benefit analysis can help you analyze your potential commercial real estate acquisition based on the potential increase in cash flow resulting from additional income tax deductions from accelerated depreciation schedules.

We can also provide you with a free estimated tax saving benefit analysis on your relinquished property, which may be useful in marketing your property to potential buyers by pointing out what their potential tax savings could be.  Simply contact your 1031 Exchange Advisor and ask for your free estimated tax saving benefit analysis.

The free estimate will also help you determine whether a full Cost Segregation Study would be warranted.  You can decide in advance whether the Cost Segregation Analysis would be worth the costs associated with completing a Cost Segregation Study.

Cost Segregation Study

You can request a formal written Cost Segregation Study after acquiring your commercial real estate and completing your 1031 Exchange transaction. The formal written Cost Segregation Study or analysis identifies, segregates and reclassifies property costs currently being depreciated over the typical 39 year or 27.5 year depreciable periods into shorter depreciable periods of 15, 10, 7 or 5 years.  

Implementing your Cost Segregation Study will immediately increase your cash flow due to the accelerated depreciation income tax deductions.  The Cost Segregation Study or report provides you with the necessary information in order to begin taking advantage of the accelerated depreciation deductions.  It also provides you with the supporting documentation needed in the event that you are audited by the IRS.

Contact your 1031 Exchange Advisor and ask for assistance with your Cost Segregation Analysis or Study needs.

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